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"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. "
John F. Kennedy

                                Mrs. Beuligmann's Social Studies Syllabus

Saint Patrick Catholic School

5th grade Social Studies Syllabus

Mrs. Beuligmann

Course Name and Description

Grade 5 Social StudiesGoals and Objectives                     Major Topics

 To gain an understanding and appreciation for                           Unit 1- Early Civilizations and Cultures

the world.                                                                                                       Unit 2- Early Civilizations in Africa and Asia

To gain an understanding and appreciation for                            Unit 3- Early Civilizations in the Americas

other cultures.  Understand diversity and its                                Unit 4- Mediterranean Empires

importance in our world and life.                                                        Unit 5- The Medieval World

To gain an understanding and appreciation for                            Unit 6- Discovery, Expansion, and Revolutions

early civilizations and the impact it had on us today.             Unit 7- A World in Opposition

                                                                                                                             Unit 8- New Nations and a New Country

Contact Information                                                      


Scott Foresman- "The World"

"The World" workbook

William and Mary Units of Study

Social Studies notebook- spiral or composition for note taking and journaling


Teaching Philosophy

The foundation of my philosophy of education is to integrate my instruction to show connections among the content areas.  I believe this will allow my students to receive a well-rounded education.

My teaching style is geared towards all learning abilities.  I will accommodate in any way I can, if needed, for any of my students.  I want to create a caring, friendly, and motivational classroom so that children will be enthusiastic learners.

I will engage my students’ interests in learning by having concrete learning experiences.  I will also encourage student’s creativity and originality in their work.  I want to instill an appreciation and understanding in students for diversity by exposing students to a variety of cultures and sharing the uniqueness of each student.

Finally, I want to help children enjoy learning and create a safe, community environment for them to grow within.

Essential Policy/Procedure Information

The policy/procedures of the classroom largely follow those of STPCS. 

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to follow teacher expectations and school rules.  Teacher expectations are as follows:
    • Be prepared for class daily.
    • Record homework in the student planner on a daily basis.
    • Raise their hands before they speak.
    • Be respectful.
    • Follow the classroom procedures.
    • Follow the honor code.
    • Come to class ready and eager to learn and participate.

Classroom Rules

              The classroom rules were determined by the students.

Be respectful

Follow the “Golden Rule”

Do your best work and have fun!



  • Students are expected to participate in class on a daily basis. 


  • Homework is expected to be completed each day so that students are prepared for class.  Mrs. Beuligmann will check for completion of the homework on a regular basis.  Homework will occasionally be collected.  It is important that students attempt homework as a means of understanding and assessment.  The following scale will be used to assess homework
    • 2 – Student completed homework and it reflects competency
    • 1 – Student partially completes homework or homework does not reflect competency
    • 0 – Student did not attempt homework, or minimal effort

Late Work

  • Student must take initiative to inform teacher that homework is late and that he or she plans to turn in completed homework the following day during homeroom.  The studetn can receive the maximum score of 1 point for late homework without a teacher approved reason.


  • Tests/Assessments will be given on a regular basis at the end of each chapter and unit study.  Unit tests will be worth 15% of the students overall grade for the quarter.  Students will be informed of a test at least a week in advance.  Students are responsible for studying and preparing for the test.  If a student is absence on the day of a test it is the child’s responsibility to see the teacher about setting up a time to make-up the test. 
  • There will be a quarter exam that makes up 15% of the students overall quarter grade.  The quarter exams dates are identified on the school calendar.  Exams will be cumulative for the quarter. 
  • Other Social Studies assessments and projects will be explained throughout the quarter.

Grading Method & Scale

  • Class work                                                                           35%
  • Quizzes                                                                                 5%
  • Performance Task/ProjectAssessment                30%
  • Unit Tests                                                                           15%
  • Quarter Exam                                                                   15%


  • Students will be expected to attend class on a daily basis.  It is important for children to be at school daily so as not to fall behind.  It is also important for students to arrive to school and class on time.

Missed Tests

  • Students need to meet with Mrs. Beuligmann to make arrangements to complete the missed assessment.  Students are informed several days in advance before an assessment. 

Extra Credit

  • Students must complete daily homework and class work in order to take advantage of any extra credit opportunities.   

STPCS Honor Code:

“The work you submit in this class is expected to be the result of your individual effort only.  The use of a computer in no way modifies the standards of academic integrity expected under the STPCS Honor Code.

You are encouraged to study together and to discuss information and concepts covered in class.  You can give “consulting” help or receive “consulting help from such students. However, this permissible cooperation should never involve one student having possession of a copy of all or part of work done by someone else, in hard or electronic form.

Should copying occur, both the student who copied work from another student and the student who gave material to be copied will both automatically receive a zero for the assignment. 

During assignments, quizzes, tests, and examinations, you must do your own work.  Talking or discussing is not permitted during quizzes, tests, and examinations, nor may you compare papers, copy from others, or collaborate in any way. Any unauthorized collaborative behavior on assignments, quizzes, tests, and examinations will result in a failing grade on that assignment, quiz, test, and/or examination.”